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Mulat Gym Socks (3x Pack)

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Featuring popular memes and hilarious soundbites, Mulat socks are the perfect conversation starters.

But first thing’s first…

What type of Gym King are YOU? Let’s figure it out:

1. The Gym Bro

Flex like never before withBicep Curls, Happy Girls.”. “More weights, More dates”, “A*S to Grass”, U Mirin?, and more! 

2. The Chad 

You’ll likely find Send Nudes to be right up your alley! Oh, and stay away from my girlfriend.

3. That Guy Everyone Loves 

For the gYM King who’s always happy and cool as a cucumber. “Hakuna Matata, and But Did You Die?are things they say on a regular basis anyway, but now they can have them printed on their socks as well.


Mulat socks are elastic and don’t slide down which makes them perfect for the gym, outdoor sports, and indoor love-making.

One-size-fits-all. Available for purchase in bundles.


Mulat Gym Socks (3x Pack)
Mulat Gym Socks (3x Pack) Sale price$44.95