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2.5” Height Boost

Mulat Origin Runners White

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Boost Your Height AND Double Your Confidence with MULAT Origin Sneakers! 

(Feel an INSTANT increase in attraction from girls and respect from guys too!)

Want to maximize your dating success?

And get the respect you deserve at work and around other men?

That’s where the Mulat Origin Sneakers come in. 

Truth is, the game was rigged from the start for short guys.

In a society where being a short man is seen as a mocking opportunity, you can’t win…

But you CAN change the rules.

And when you change the rules…

Mulat Origin Sneakers – equipped with 2.5” inches (6.3cm) of game-changing height boost.

✅ Taller

✅ More confident

✅ More attractive

100% hidden design so nobody would ever know.

Girls wear high heels, so why wouldn’t you wear Mulat shoes?


Mulat Mulat Origin Runners White (2.5" Height Boost)
Mulat Origin Runners White Sale price$104.99