Mulat Ultraplex Sneakers White (2.4" Boost)

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Experience a height and confidence boost at the same time!

Unlike other oversized sneakers, the Mulat Ultraplex Runners have 2.4" inches of extra height built-in to the shoe and masked with a clever outer design. 

👟 Minimal & Versatile Style: These stylish kicks seamlessly complement any outfit, whether hitting the gym or dressing smart-casual. Look good and feel even better!

🤫 Discreet Height Enhancement: Enjoy the advantages of increased height without the obvious insoles or platform shoes. Our incognito design offers a subtle lift that keeps your secret safe!

🌟 Athletic & Smart-Casual Aesthetic: Mulat Ultraplex Runners strike the perfect balance between sporty and sophisticated, making them your go-to shoes for any occasion.

Embrace the best version of yourself with our game-changing Mulat Ultraplex Sneakers, now available in 4 different colours. It's time to step up and stand tall in style!