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Mulat Alpine Sneakers (2.5" Boost)

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Attention, Short Kings:

Boost your height AND confidence with the all-new Alpine Sneakers!

Unlike our other height sneakers, the Mulat Alpine Sneakers have 2.5" inches (6.3cm) of extra height built-in to the shoe. 

That’s a certified Mulat record. Pretty sweet, huh?

Now take your phone and hold it up next to your wardrobe. With their sporty and casual design, the Alpine Sneakers go well with ANY outfit you own (or will own!).

And before you ask…

Don’t worry! The height boost is hidden with a clever design so you can walk, feel, and act TALL without worrying about those meddling kids figuring out what you’re up to.

To sum up:

With the Alpine Sneakers, you’ll feel on top of the WORLD.

…And the world will feel you, too.

Truth is, the game was rigged from the start for short guys.

In a society where being a short man is seen as a mocking opportunity, you can’t win…

 But you CAN change the rules.

And when you change the rules…

Mulat Alpine Sneakers – equipped with 2.5” inches (6.3cm) of game-changing height boost.

✅ Taller

✅ More confident

✅ More attractive

100% hidden design so nobody would ever know.

Girls wear high heels, so why wouldn’t you wear Mulat shoes?

Mulat Alpine Sneakers (2.5" Boost)
Mulat Alpine Sneakers (2.5" Boost) Sale price$125.00