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Chelsea Boots Blue (2.8" Boost)

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What do you get when you mix Mulat’s proprietary height-boost technology with suede and a highly concentrated drop of pure, unadulterated class?

Mulat Chelsea boots. 

Equipped with a hidden 2.8” boosted insole, our new Chelsea boots allow you to be tall and confident beyond just casual occasions. 

Whether that’s work, business meetings, or fancy dates with an equally well-dressed woman, the exquisite and comfortable suede paired with a discreet height boost will not leave much—if anything—to be desired…

Apart from you. 

No matter where you wear them, you’ll look AND feel like you own the room – and so will everyone else. That alone makes the Chelsea boots a staple in every Short King’s wardrobe.

Truth is, the game was rigged from the start for short guys.

In a society where being a short man is seen as a mocking opportunity, you can’t win…

But you CAN change the rules.

And when you change the rules…

Mulat Chelsea boots  – equipped with 2.8” inches (7.1cm) of game-changing height boost.

✅ Taller

✅ More confident

✅ More attractive

100% hidden design so nobody would ever know.

Girls wear high heels, so why wouldn’t you wear Mulat shoes?

Mulat Blue Chelsea Boots
Chelsea Boots Blue (2.8" Boost) Sale price$145.00