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Stockholm Boots Gray (3.0" Boost)

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Introducing the NEW Mulat Stockholm shoes a.k.a THE shoes to wear when you mean serious business.

And we mean serious.

Made using high-grade materials and reinforced stitching, the Stockholms are Mulat’s most rugged & durable shoe to date. 

Perfect for rougher terrain and those colder months when you need maximum stability and protection yet still want to experience the many benefits of height-boost technology!

With a mega boost of 3” inches of height, you won’t feel the ground nor the cold, ever.

What you WILL feel is an endorphin rush every time you put them on.

(And so will every woman around you!)

Tall. Durable. Stylish. 

Simply put, the Stockholms are built different. And so are the Short Kings who wear them!

Truth is, the game was rigged from the start for short guys.

In a society where being a short man is seen as a mocking opportunity, you can’t win…

But you CAN change the rules.

And when you change the rules…

Mulat Stockholms  – equipped with 3” inches (7.5cm) of game-changing height boost.

✅ Taller

✅ More confident

✅ More attractive

100% hidden design so nobody would ever know.

Girls wear high heels, so why wouldn’t you wear Mulat shoes?

Mulat Grey Winter Boots
Stockholm Boots Gray (3.0" Boost) Sale price$145.00